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5 Things you probably already know about Morgan Kearns


1.)    She’s awesome!  If you ever get the chance to go to any book signing or event that Morgan is at, you will notice this right away.  It also comes across pretty clearly in her books.

 2.)    Morgan believes in “Happily Ever After”, as she will gladly tell you.  And if you follow her on Facebook ( )  you will start to notice why.  (Hint: her husband is pretty awesome too.) 

 3.)    She is a best-selling author, that writes about Deadlines and Diamonds (Newsrooms and Baseball.), Oh and awesome, hunky baseball players too.

4.)    Morgan worked in TV News for 10 years as a videotape editor: “My department was in charge of all of the video that came into the station. Personal best: a 1:30 package cut in 4 minutes! Yes, it made its slot!”

5.)    Morgan linked arms with Kris Tualla to create  “Buildin’ the Dream” to give other authors the tools they need to build and live the dream.                                           ( )

 The first Buildin’ the Dream workshops will be May 31st, 2013, preceding Arizona Dreamin’.  ( Tickets for Buildin’ the Dream are ONLY $20! 

If you didn’t know these things about Morgan Kearns, start here:


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Kris Tualla


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I got to meet Kris Tualla at a book fair in Sedona Arizona about 2 years ago.  Since then I have had the pleasure of seeing her several different times at different book signings and events.  She is always great fun, and it is my pleasure to host her today at Lilly’s Book Gene.

My “Discreet Gentleman” is deaf. Intrigued?

Kris Tualla

I first decided to write a deaf hero after reading an article that said women are attracted to men who stare at them like they are the only thing in the room.

I thought, who would stare at a woman like that? A deaf man.

I have friends who work in the deaf community, plus I have some limited experience with American Sign Language, so I had a foundation to work with.

Next, I needed to figure out how he would communicate, and how to convey that to the reader. This is what I came up with:

“Spoken dialog is in quotes.”

Written words are in italics.

And when I gesture there are no quotes, Brander motioned. He added: If they follow the tag there is a colon and capital letter.

(I had to explain all of this to my editor so she didn’t try to “fix” what was intentional!)

I write historical novels and ASL doesn’t exist in Europe now, much less in the 1700s. When I began to describe Brander’s gestures, I had to forget everything I knew and create motions that would make sense to a seven-year-old.

I also needed to give him a realistic trade, one that a deaf man would not only be able to do, but do well.

As a private investigator, Brander can use his deafness and lip-reading as some of his tools. After all, he says, when people find out I’m deaf, they forget I’m in the room.

I have a scene in the second book, “A Discreet Gentleman of Matrimony,” when a doctor asks to look into Brander’s ears. My discreet gentleman experiences a moment of shock and wonders if he could regain his hearing.

He cannot. And when he thinks about it, Brander realizes that he is a better man because he is deaf. To regain his hearing at this stage of his life would be a detriment to his career.

That is a very realistic response. Not heroic. Not bitter. No pounding anyone with a politically correct agenda. Just real.

Others agree, according to this very complimentary reviewer of books & movies with characters with PD: *smiling*

Of course, the hearing people he encounters are as insensitive and ignorant as humans can be. To write the story otherwise would be a mistake as well.

As I was typing along, I occasionally made those mistakes. When I did, I tried to work them into the narrative. Like this line:

“Regin lowered her voice…” Oops. Well, go on with the thought: “…before she remembered she didn’t have to.” The hearing spouse is making an adjustment, too.

I even had a line of dialog where Regin points her finger at her deaf and mute husband and shouts, “Don’t you ever say that to me again, do you hear me?”

Who wouldn’t use words they were accustomed to in the heat of an argument?

Brander looks at her like she’s crazy and asks: Do you realize what you just said?

“You know what I mean!” she retorts.

Realistic. Real. And a little humorous, to be honest.

And did I mention sexy? That intense stare, quick intelligence, and the ability to see things others cannot make for a uniquely strong character. I confess: I’m thoroughly smitten.

A Discreet Gentleman of Discovery:

The Silent ASL Trailer:

A Discreet Gentleman of Matrimony:

A Discreet Gentleman of Consequence:

Best-Selling Kindle Author of Historical Romance & Suspense
Founder of Arizona Dreamin’ ~ 31 May-2 June 2013
Norway is the new Scotland!”

Airicka Phoenix

Today I get to introduce you all to the Lovely Airicka Phoenix!


What would you choose?
She had everything but freedom.
He had nothing but his loyalty, his wits and his training.
She was a prisoner, a disease, not fit for the world, and she didn’t know why. But she did know she wasn’t allowed to die, she wasn’t allowed to live and she wasn’t sane.
He was a soldier, a protector, but his foundation will be tested when he must destroy the only light in his dark world.
Thrown together, prisoner and keeper, their rebellion will splinter through time, changing the course of history and the fate of the world. Their love will challenge their greatest enemy and immortalize them forever.
Loyalty. Freedom. Love.
What would you risk?

“Let me die.”
Pain darkened his eyes. “Never.”

The Book Trailer Link:


Airicka Phoenix is the author of:

TOUCHING SMOKE (Touch Book #1)

TORRID a short story as part of the Whispered Beginnings: A Clever Fiction Anthology. 

Midnight-Surrender: Paranormal-Anthology.

WANTING & INTENTIONS– two stories as part of the Midnight Surrender Anthology.

Author Bio:

When she’s not hammering away at the keyboard, she can be found banishing pirates or crawling through the attic looking for lost treasure with her kids. She loves baking, gardening and reading.

She also likes to travel and take pictures of everything she comes across.

When asked, Airicka describes herself as a sarcastic basket case that has an unhealthy addiction to chocolate, old movies and really bad jokes. She loves to laugh, make friends and write. If she could have one wish granted, it would be to spend one day as a fly-on-the-wall inside Stephen King’s mind. If she could have two wishes granted, she would ask for a castle dedicated entirely to her overwhelming collection of books.

Where to find Airicka:
Twitter:!/AirickaPhoenix (@AirickaPhoenix)
Facebook Author Page:



Morgan Kearns


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Today I get to host one of my favorite authors (and someone I am so glad I get to call my friend!) Morgan Kearns!:

I am Morgan Kearns and I write Contemporary and Paranormal Romance.

Yes, that does sound like the first sentence at an addict’s meeting. No, I’m not addicted to…

Well, addicted is a strong word.

I write because I enjoy what I do, which brings me to the topic of my post today.

Why do I write what I write?

One phrase: Write what you know.

I worked in television news for ten years before retiring to raise our four children. When I tell people that little tidbit, the automatic assumption is that I wrote the news or that I posed as a talking head.

In reality, I worked in ENG. Electronic News Gathering. ENG’s configuration and responsibilities differ from station to station. At my station every piece of news video, whether shot in the field or brought in-house via satellite or microwave, came through ENG. My job was to take the scripts written by producers and reporters and edit the video to match.

Those in the news business deal in seconds. Our deadlines usually aren’t weeks away. They are literally seconds away. More than once we were clearing the way as an editor ran down the hallway toward the player while the reporter stretched. Total rush!

Long story, short: I knew news and FADE TO BLACK was born.

As for the Diamonds side of the Deadlines and Diamonds series, again, I wrote what I knew. Baseball. Of all the sports out there, this is the one I’ve spent the most time watching. I knew the rules and positions and terminology. I introduced a new sportscaster into the newsroom and gave her a past with a certain Major League bad-boy. Viola! IN IT TO WIN IT (Deadlines & Diamonds, #2) came to fruition.

Book 3, OUT OF LEFT FIELD tried to redeem the jerk from WIN


and Book 4, LUCKY 13 continues the journey.

Book 2.5, HIGH PRESSURE, (Yes, I hate when authors do that, too.) will be released sometime next spring, focusing on the BFF of the heroine in WIN.

Lots going on, with a vast array of characters screaming to have their stories told. Stay tuned to my website ( for updates.

Finally, I gotta give a huge thanks to Lilly Jean for letting me take over her blog.

Happy Reading!


Melissa Andrea

Melissa Andrea

Today I got to interview my friend and YA Author, Melissa Andrea! 

When did you first decide you wanted to write?

In high school. After reading one of my mom’s romance novels, I was hooked! Reading, writing, all of it! I couldn’t get enough; it was an addiction, my passion. I will ever be a writer, even if I never publish another book after Flutter. (I hope I do though haha!)

Was it scary the first time you put your work out there?

Well my first story was a children’s book I wrote in High School for a contest. I don’t remember being scared actually, haha. I was confident that I was going to win. Nobody else in my class was as excited about the project as I was, so nobody else put as much thought in their story as I did. I won!

What is your favorite genre to write?

I’ve started a romance book and a YA contemporary, but I think I really like YA Fantasy.

What was your favorite subject in school, was it English?

Yep! It was the only subject I did really well in, haha. I also liked my dance class.

Do you have a favorite author?

I do, Sandra Brown! I LOVE her! I have all of her books and I adore every story!

Did you go to school to become a writer?

I didn’t, but I might take a class or two in the future.

What did you learn from writing/ publishing your first novel?

Wow, so much! There will be a lot of things I do differently with book 2 in Flutter, The Discovery Series. I haven’t published yet, but I am sure there will be a few things for me to learn from that too!

How did you get into writing?

I think I got it from my mom. She used to tell us stories, which she would make up before we went to bed. I think it kind of stuck with me. My first story I wrote in high school, about an ant who dreamt he could be anything he wanted to be! I won a contest for that story, so I’m pretty proud of that.

What is your process?

I don’t really have a process. Honestly, most of the story comes to me as I’m writing. I tried having an outline with Flutter, but most everything got changed as the chapters were written and scenes developed!


Flutter book trailer:

Tony Bertauski

Around the end of May this year, I got the chance to “read and review” a book called “The Annihilation of Foreverland”.  It was one of those books that kept me up late, reading “one more page”.  It was a great book!  For about a week afterward, the only review I could come up with was “Wow!!”
A couple of months later I got the chance to read another book by Tony Bertauski: “Claus: Legend of the Fat Man”.  After reading the other book, I jumped at the chance to read this one!  I was definitely not disappointed in any way!  “Claus: legend of the Fat Man” puts a whole new spin on the origin of many Christmas traditions.

After reading these two books, I cannot wait to read ANY book that Tony Bertauski writes (I’ve even considered reading the text books he’s written.  I like him THAT much!).

I now have the privilege to introduce you all to one of my favorite new Authors, AND this weekend you can download Claus FREE!
Friday 10-12-12 thru Sunday 10-14-12 at

Here is Mr. Tony Bertauski:

I teach about plants.

I know, what’s that got to do with fiction. Long story.

I started teaching horticulture a long time ago. Sometime during that tenure, I wrote two textbooks. You see, I always wanted to write and the opportunity presented itself, so, WHAP… two textbooks. Then I was asked to write a gardening column for a regional newspaper. Didn’t say no to that, either. I was officially a writer.

After all that technical writing, you might think fiction was a breeze. After all, it’s fiction. If I want them to fly, they fly. Let’s have some fun. Wrong.

And thus began the journey into storytelling.

I don’t consider myself a writer so much as a storyteller. Yes, I still write technically but I have editors to clean up my grammar. I still don’t know when to use lay or laid. Or whom. I let the editors worry about that.

Like most fiction writers, I’ve got stories in me and they want out. How many, I don’t know. So far, five. I’m working on the sixth one and I haven’t reached the bottom. However, it was nowhere near as easy to write fiction as I first thought. I think it took five years before I finally was comfortable with my debut novel, The Discovery of Socket Greeny. I’m a slow learner, but I’m hardheaded. Eventually, I figured it out. Nowadays, I write only on weekends and it takes about 3 to 4 months to get a rough draft finished. Another 6 weeks to work out the wrinkles.

And. I. Love it.

Experiencing characters come to life at the tips of my fingers is far more exhilarating than reading about someone else’s. But it’s not just that. It’s a chance to tell a story, one with meaning, one that moves the readers, sticks with them. Perhaps changes the way they look at life.

I want stories that mean something. Not just entertain.

Almost a year ago, my nephew mentioned the ninja elves that visit his school. They were invisible agents of Santa, he said. Like a burst of light, a story was born. Three months later, I wrote Claus: Legend of the Fat Man. It became a sci-fi/fantasy about Nicholas Santa and his journey to the North Pole in the early 1800s. It explains all the Christmas mythology like never before.



The red coat, jingle bells, silent night… it will all make sense.

And, perhaps, you’ll look at Santa Claus in a whole different way.

Here is the link to Tony’s website. All of his books can be found there, Amazon and B&N