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Today I get to host one of my favorite authors (and someone I am so glad I get to call my friend!) Morgan Kearns!:

I am Morgan Kearns and I write Contemporary and Paranormal Romance.

Yes, that does sound like the first sentence at an addict’s meeting. No, I’m not addicted to…

Well, addicted is a strong word.

I write because I enjoy what I do, which brings me to the topic of my post today.

Why do I write what I write?

One phrase: Write what you know.

I worked in television news for ten years before retiring to raise our four children. When I tell people that little tidbit, the automatic assumption is that I wrote the news or that I posed as a talking head.

In reality, I worked in ENG. Electronic News Gathering. ENG’s configuration and responsibilities differ from station to station. At my station every piece of news video, whether shot in the field or brought in-house via satellite or microwave, came through ENG. My job was to take the scripts written by producers and reporters and edit the video to match.

Those in the news business deal in seconds. Our deadlines usually aren’t weeks away. They are literally seconds away. More than once we were clearing the way as an editor ran down the hallway toward the player while the reporter stretched. Total rush!

Long story, short: I knew news and FADE TO BLACK was born.

As for the Diamonds side of the Deadlines and Diamonds series, again, I wrote what I knew. Baseball. Of all the sports out there, this is the one I’ve spent the most time watching. I knew the rules and positions and terminology. I introduced a new sportscaster into the newsroom and gave her a past with a certain Major League bad-boy. Viola! IN IT TO WIN IT (Deadlines & Diamonds, #2) came to fruition.

Book 3, OUT OF LEFT FIELD tried to redeem the jerk from WIN


and Book 4, LUCKY 13 continues the journey.

Book 2.5, HIGH PRESSURE, (Yes, I hate when authors do that, too.) will be released sometime next spring, focusing on the BFF of the heroine in WIN.

Lots going on, with a vast array of characters screaming to have their stories told. Stay tuned to my website (MorganKearns.com) for updates.

Finally, I gotta give a huge thanks to Lilly Jean for letting me take over her blog.

Happy Reading!