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5 Things you probably already know about Morgan Kearns


1.)    She’s awesome!  If you ever get the chance to go to any book signing or event that Morgan is at, you will notice this right away.  It also comes across pretty clearly in her books.

 2.)    Morgan believes in “Happily Ever After”, as she will gladly tell you.  And if you follow her on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/morgan.kearns.novels )  you will start to notice why.  (Hint: her husband is pretty awesome too.) 

 3.)    She is a best-selling author, that writes about Deadlines and Diamonds (Newsrooms and Baseball.), Oh and awesome, hunky baseball players too.

4.)    Morgan worked in TV News for 10 years as a videotape editor: “My department was in charge of all of the video that came into the station. Personal best: a 1:30 package cut in 4 minutes! Yes, it made its slot!”

5.)    Morgan linked arms with Kris Tualla to create  “Buildin’ the Dream” to give other authors the tools they need to build and live the dream.                                           ( http://www.buildinthedream.com/ )

 The first Buildin’ the Dream workshops will be May 31st, 2013, preceding Arizona Dreamin’.  ( http://www.arizonadreaminevent.com/p/may-31-june-2-2013.html Tickets for Buildin’ the Dream are ONLY $20! 

If you didn’t know these things about Morgan Kearns, start here: http://morgankearns.com/


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